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Our Rubber gym mats offers the best value for money and are a perfect gym flooring for homes. Our home gym tiles have been used by South Africa’s leading commercial fitness Centres for more than 10 years now and are a perfect fit to make a durable gym for your home.

Creation of Perfect Home Gym

Create a perfect home gym that you have always been dreaming of. The best place to look for when you want to start a home is these following areas,

  • Garage
  • Patio
  • Spare unused bedroom
  • Unused cottages

Having the right gym equipment is not always enough to create a perfect home gym but should be complemented by great gym flooring that will ensure your gym equipment last longer by protecting the equipment from damage when it falls or when its moved around this will save you money in the long run.

Advantages of home gyms

  • Suitable for DIY installation
  • Textured medallion grip for anti-slip
  • Waterproof
  • Chemical resistance
  • Extremely durable
  • Increases personal health
  • Saves money that will have been paid to fitness Centres

Single Product outlook

Product Summary

Home gym flooring comes in existing because of conversion most of an existing space or room such as a garage, patio or a spare bedroom or a guest bedroom, the gym floor requires the users to have an optimal subfloor protection. Our home gym tiles are made from flexible pvc material and comes in sizes of 500mmx500mmx5mm and have a stud finish to assist with anti-slipping when doing fitness training.

Product Summary

Additional Information

Home Gym mats are made from high grade recycled pvc pellets from handpicked quality sorting. They are pre-casted into a resilient hard-wearing tile that will protect the subfloor from easily taking in the falling and hammering caused by gym equipment, this tile also makes sure that the user is protected from maximum injury when falls on to the ground

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions:                      500mmx500mmx5mm

Packed sizes                      510mmx510x6mm

Packed quantities           4 tiles per pack

Spacing requirements   1.5mm from the wall

Material                              100% recycled flexible Pvc

Fire rating                           Low (does not assist spreading of fire)



  • Home garage flooring
  • Fitness Training Centres
  • Athletic floors
  • Walkway flooring
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