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Rubber Mats is a Company well known for its manufacturing technology of rubber mats and supplying and selling Rubber Mats in South Africa with a footprint in major parts of Africa. Our Company was Established in 2017 with a recruited workforce with combined experience of over 30 years. We are affiliated to the Gym and Garage company with a focus on making rubber mats, Pvc Interlocking Mats, Interlocking rubber Mats, Pvc edging and other rubber products.

Since the Establishment of Gym and Garage Floor Company, A name change was brought about the idea of re-aligning our company name with our brand which is RUBBER MATS. Rubber Mats was coined and we now trade under Garage and Gym Floor (Pty) Ltd.

We have a quality team of both Manufacturing team, Professional Sales Team, and Professional rubber flooring installers. Our Focus is providing top quality service and products to our customer.

the highest quality at the lowest prices

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