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Rubber roll flooring are ideal for garage floors, workshop floors, home gym floors, school floors, workshop floors. The rubber rolls provide a relative impact absorption, anti-slip and total sturdiness. Our rubber roll flooring is a top of the range in terms of quality and it sets a tone for a functional and stylish rubber floor.

Whether you need a rubber rolls, mats on rolls, there is no better place to look them rather check with rubber-mats for incredible deals on rubber roll matting. We are South Africa’s largest mats on roll stockist, longer rubber rolls, we keep bespoke rubber rolls for very application

Product information

Stud rubber mat can work in normal temperature environment. They are water proof, sliding proof and with no juncture. They can be used as the material for working table and ground decorations for anti-slip purpose.

Important Information

First size:                             10mx1.5mx3mm

Second Size:                       20mx2mx3mm
application:                        ground floor, garage, car mat
pattern:                               checker, stud dot, coin
Standard Colour:              Black
Hardness:                            Shore A 65+/-5
Tensile Strength:              3mpa
Elongation:                         200%
Density:                               1.5g/cm3

Material:                 SBR

Usage:                     Industrial Rubber Slab, Industrial, Flooring, Printing, Rubber Floor Covering

Feature:                  Wear-resistant, Impact-resistant, Heat-resistant, Corrosion-resistant, Insulating,

Raw Materials:     Synthetic Rubber, Pad

Medium:                Pure Gum Rubber Sheet and Fabric

Performance:       Stud antiskid rubber sheet

Technical Specification

Product:                                               ROLL001

Fabric                                                    2 Ply

Colour:                                                 Black

Trade Mark                                         Pvcocity

HS Code:                                             400821000

What is the Purpose of Rubber Roll Flooring?

  • Workplace matting
  • Antifatigue padding
  • Anti-slip flooring
  • Foot impact cushioning
  • Insulation purposes
  • Subfloor protection

What is the Purpose of a Rubber Matting Roll?

  • Provides traction on workers movement
  • Workshop, production lines and manufacturing setting
  • Cashier counters
  • Kitchens and construction site
Product specification
1x20m (L) x2M (W) x3mm (T)

Anti-Fatigue Bubble Rubber Roll

Anti-fatigue rubber rolls are specifically designed for work place areas where there are high times of worker standing for long time especially in production lines, workers standing behind tills. Ergonomically designed to enhance worker increased productivity and reduce fatigue. The rolls have bubbles on top that when stamped on the comfortably go down in a way


  • Cushioned ’Bubble’ construction
  • Excellent anti-fatigue properties
  • Good slip resistant surface pattern
  • Good quality durable rubber
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Economically priced
  • Manufactured From Nitrile Rubber, Oil & Grease Resistant


Fingertip Rubber roll

The uniquely designed fingertip surface construction helps reach very depth of the shoe level and aggressively clean dirt and moisture. The many fingertips make super cleaning possible. It ensures all the dirt is trapped and stored hidden on the mat and the shoe and other moving product residue is dropped on it and c


The fingertip rubber roll is made from 100% natural rubber nitrile with bevelled edges to prevent tripping and falling. 



  • Unique finger patterned surface design
  • Made from tough & durable natural rubber
  • High slip resistant with anti-trip bevelled edges
  • Finger Pin design allows for scraping of feet
  • Good dust, dirt and fluid retention
  • Easily cleaned
  • UV-resistant outdoor mat withstands any weather condition.
  • Strong construction of the backing prevents mat from moving.


Cleaning and maintenance

  • Vacuum regularly: daily in high-traffic commercial areas, weekly in lower-traffic areas
  • Always make sure the mat is dry before placing it back in service.
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