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This is the most common type of rubber mats manufactured in south Africa and it comes as medallion or coin faced mats. It is the best seller amongst the range of our product.

Top 10 benefits of rubber mats

  • High acoustic abilities
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Multi-purpose DIY flooring
  • High impact containment
  • As anti-fatigue mats
  • Anti-slip rubber mats
  • 100% water resistant
  • Chemical resistant mats
  • High durability and resilience
  • Low maintenance

Product Specifications

Shore Hardness
88-92 Shore A
5.2kgs/ sqm
Shipping weight
Heavy light duty to very heavy duty commercial
Colourfastness to light
Do not fade under light

Visible rubber mats also known as visible interlocking rubber tiles, have a clearly noticeable lock pattern and locks either from the top or sideways which makes it the easiest and fastest way of rubber flooring. Black visible lock mats are our most popular rubber flooring, because of their twin advantages of being the most economical and yet the most durable form of rubber tiles and the second advantage is that they offer the best ergonomic human foot comfort.

This visible lock is a versatile, stylish, striking, and economic rubber matting with a raised ‘’button’’ or ‘’coin’’ pattern design at the top side and a web pattern on the reverse side for anti-slipping.  The rubber tiles are ideally suitable in food preparation areas, airports, car ports, garages, gyms, hospital floors and school flooring.

Features of rubber tiles

Each rubber tile that we manufacture has the following functional attributes:

  • Slip resistance with multi-directional pattern surface
  • High fire retardancy
  • Slip resistance rating of R11 to D51130
  • Good floor insulator
  • Stylish low relief medallion pattern
  • Odorless and non-toxic
  • Chemical, oil, and grease resistance

Installation and Packaging

Visible-Lock tiles are made from flexible PVC and clip into one another like pieces of a puzzle, making it an easy floor to install. They can be laid over hard carpets, tiles, concrete, and wooden surfaces, basically any surface with ease, providing the sub-floor is relatively level and hard. Basic tools are need which are a hammer mallet, steel ruler. We sell the rubber tiles in pack of 4s which is a sqm

Finished Rubber Visible lock Outlook

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