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We offer highly specialized rubber mats for a range of applications. Our rubber tiles are anti-slip therefore suitable for any type of flooring. One can choose rubber rolls, sports tiles, gym mats or garage mats depending on the application. Our gym mats are suitable to contain high impact fall caused by weights and can also be used for garage flooring that can withstand high abrasion contact.

Get your domestic and industrial flooring mats for workshops, warehousing, patio, and multipurpose areas

Our rubber floor mats are a revolutionary, resilient, aesthetic look and stylish mats locally manufactured in South Africa and supplied in the whole of Africa. As a typical home-grown solution rubber mating ideal for all sorts of flooring with local support. Our rubber matting distinguishes themselves amongst many competitors’ products through our countless constant quality testing procedures that gives the product a limitless functional and physical attribute.

The rubber matting resilience gives rise to durability perfect for workshop flooring, school flooring, playground flooring, retail floors, commercial floors, and industrial floors.

Outlook finish

Rubber Mats for Sale

Typical Characteristics of our rubber mats

  • Resilience
  • Durability
  • Slip resistance/ Anti-slip
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Our rubber manufacturing formulation gives it a zero fading functional attribute that gives it a superior colorfastness when exposed to constant sunlight and cleaning. All our rubber products are a truly well-designed rubber floors with superior durability only compared to steel products.


Benefits and Features

  • After Sales and Operational Support
  • Shipping nationally in South Africa
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Diverse range of rubber products.
  • Friendly Support and Free Updates
  • Quick confirmation and delivery of products.
  • Ensuring the best quality at reasonable prices.
  • Made exclusively from recycled flexible Pvc material


 Linkable Rubber Mat flooring 500mmx500mmx5mm, the versatile CrossFit Interlocking Rubber Mats are rubber mats with an attractive anti-slip dimple pattern design on one side and ribbed on the other. The mats have an interlocking edge that locks multiple mats closely together giving a premium floor. this pattern is one of the more popular than any other pattern on our rubber mat range


The rubber mats though typically durable their lifespan can be extended by following our simple guidelines. When installing where vehicular movements or heavy traffic footing or where items like pallet jacks and forklifts are operating. It is advised to apply bonding adhesive Glue. We have an inhouse specifically formulated to Glue down rubber floors called Pvcocity Adhesive Glue A660.

Colour Range

Our most popular rubber mats for sale are the black rubber mats which are our standard colour tiles. We also have a premium colour tiles which are blue rubber mats, Green Rubber mats, Yellow rubber mats, Brown rubber mats, Light Grey rubber mats, Dark grey rubber mats and White rubber mats.

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