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Do your exercise comfortably with our Pvc mats that provides a cozy and non-slip contact surface. The Pvc interlocking mats can be installed on any surface whether its wooden, laminate, porcelain, concrete floors, or porcelain floors thus offering a great deal for underneath floor protection and reduce floor damages that could cost an arm and a leg. Having Pvc  mats offers a strong instant flooring as there is no need for prior or professional installation technique.


Advantages of installing our Pvc mats

  • No special cleaning needed just a damped cloth
  • You can design your own unique flooring with a multiple range of colours the way you want it
  • It is a DIY multi-purpose flooring solution
  • No expertise or professional installation needed.

Factory is a place that is known for its industrial working environment with items like machinery, forklifts, tools, and other equipment being moved around, therefore it means that the flooring must be able to accept constant abuse which requires the flooring to be resilient and durable. Many factories flooring is made from epoxy as is one of the resilient products for industrial flooring, however it is still subject to damage over time, and epoxy is a costly product that being repairing and replacement will affect the overall profitability of a company. The best way of factory flooring is to use rubber factory flooring, whether one has epoxy flooring or not, the rubber flooring can be installed on an existing subfloor and still protect it, rubber interlocking mats it’s a cost-effective way of factory flooring due to its twin advantages of affordability and durability.

Product details

This Studded Rubber Flooring is ideal for use in industrial and commercial environments. It is made from high-quality flexible recycled pvc for black and virgin material for colour tiles, designed with a studded surface to maximise grip and reduce the chance of people slipping. The thick rubber flooring insulates effectively against the cold surface of concrete, which is a good ergonomic product to ensure worker comfortable and can work more hours without getting too tired

With its durable construction, the flooring also helps to protect floors from heavy equipment and footfall in busy areas. It is suitable for commercial and industrial work areas, gym, walkways & ramps, entryways, gyms, industrial workshops, warehouse flooring, fitness floors.

Product Specification

Dimensions:                                       500mmx500mmx5mm

Packaging quantity:                         4 Tiles per pack

Shipping Size:                                    500mmx500mmx20mm

Material:                                              Flexible recycled Pvc     


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