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Rubber Floor Mat Roll

Most manufacturers do the 333mmx333mm or the 450mmx450mm. We do manufacture the larger rubber mats which are basically 500mmx500mmx5mm. Large rubber mats have an advantage when it comes to installation its easier and faster to do the installation as you only need 4 tiles to cover a sqm and yet you will need up to 9 tiles to cover a sqm.


Most gym flooring users prefers their flooring to be installed using large rubber mats and prefer them to be thicker. The minimum tile thickness should be at least 5mm. Less than 5mm thickness will be classified as light duty rubber flooring and the durability is significantly reduced.

The larger and thicker the tiles the more comfortable and durability, the issue becomes the pricing, the thicker the tile, the pricier it becomes, the best compromising thickness is 5mm hence as Pvc Floor Tile we believe in manufacturing more of standard than non-standard.

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