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Commercial gyms are usually large indoor area where there is a variety of exercise equipment of all nature that will cater for a lot of people who will pay a monthly subscription fee to access the facility. If you are  thinking about starting a commercial fitness centre, come to us. We will be able to provide you with the best commercial fitness mats for your gym and give guidance to different mats needed in different sections of your gym.

Fitness Centre flooring set up

The whole fitness flooring should be installed using interlocking rubber flooring or rubber rolls. When installation is done then we go on to set up a much thicker rubber mats in the weight section area. In areas or places where users need to use the floor with their whole body the best flooring option is have gym foam mats and, in some cases, removable gym mats that can be transferred to other areas.

Product Summary

Commercial fitness centres do require a floor product that is very resilient and hard-wearing because of the sheer number of users daily, as compared to a home gym flooring. Our commercial fitness mats are designed to carry heavy weight gym equipment and at the same time have a high shock absorption capability and is also soundproof.

Technical specifications

  • 500mm x 500mm x 5mm
  • 4 tiles = 1m² = 5.2kg
  • Medallion surface type
  • Made from 100% recycled Flexible Pvc material
  • Takes up 7000kgs rolling weight

Additional Information

When setting up a commercial gym, the first thing the owner needs to think of is the flooring, how will the flooring protect the gym equipment, what thickness does one require. The higher the thickness the resilient is the floor but the costly will be so the owner has to find an optimal balance between floor safety and cost. From our analysis the gym thickness with greatest cost benefit is a 5mm gym tile.

Benefits of our commercial fitness mats

  • A great shock absorber
  • Sound Proofer
  • Provides optimal comfort to the user
  • Protects the subfloor from damage
  • Protects the users from maximum injury when falls to the ground
  • Re-usable
  • Quite affordable


  • Offices
  • Stable mats
  • Chair mats
  • Corridor floors
  • Stairway floors
  • Marque floors
  • Escalator floors
  • Gym floors
  • Garage floors
  • Workshop floors

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