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One of the best and easiest ways of making your business really stand out and impress potential customers is by investing in the best car showroom flooring on the market. High quality vehicle rubber show mats is a brilliant option because it is very visually appealing, so it will give the right impression to those coming in through the door, but it’s also incredibly hard wearing and easy to keep clean.

You really do need to show your cars off at their best if you want people to buy them and at the price you’re looking for, so skimping on the flooring isn’t a good idea. Car showrooms should be light and airy, clean, and hygienic, smart, and professional – and Pvc floor options can really help contribute to this quickly and easily. Your customers will expect to see vehicles displayed on beautiful and pristine floors, but your choice of flooring can have a real impact on whether this is the case.

Do some research and you’ll soon find that many others in your industry have had trouble with their flooring for numerous reasons, whether it’s because they absorb stains from new tyres or because they collect dirt incredibly easy and look filthy even when they’re not. Or they’ve chosen flooring that requires an awful lot of care and attention. Or, even worse, they’ve gone for something that isn’t slip-resistant and is rather hazardous for showing cars.

Vehicle rubber show mats is the most popular flooring amongst car dealers and anyone who keeps a lot of vehicles on a single site. This is flooring where vehicles are on show for selling in mass. The tiles are quite durable and resilient

Benefits and Features of Vehicle rubber show mats

  • Durable & resilient flooring
  • 10-year Warrantee
  • Easy to maintain
  • Get physical and online support
  • Carry maximum weight of 70 tons
  • Can be moved around to another place
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